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Anonymous: Guy do you support Guy x Kid?


"Kid? She, uh… won’t let me answer that. Come on, guys. You know her! Even if I could or not, she’d reject me in a second. You know, sometimes she says she’d punch me in the mouth if she ever met me." ;; ~

That’s right, keep your mouth shut, Guy. You and your fake smiles. I won’t accept it and I would punch you intheh odjngmotugh KJNDFHGIUERGKN YOU TERRIBLE ANON WHY 

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Anonymous: yesssssss i miss sending you things today it's fate. truth: name four things you hate about luke. DOIT

Do you have a list o- .. This isn’t that nice, you know. I wouldn’t say hate though. They’re just things I.. don’t like too much?

  1. His attitude. Only at times, I guess. As a diplomat and a representative to Kimlasca, he really doesn’t.. care.. of who he offends sometimes. Or that he’s even offending anyone. And guess who gets stuck with fixing it… 
  2. His naive loyalty. I really… don’t want to see Luke get hurt anymore. But the second anyone gives him any sort of softened communication, he flips over and his trust is evident. And it hurts him in the long run.
  3. His… energy? ;; I mean, I know he’s technically seven but he … When Luke wants something done, you do it now. I guess that’s partly my fault since - you know, I raised him rather spoiled but .. ;;
  4. … That’s kind of it. All others are kind of endearing, actually.

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Anonymous: guy are you back i missed you in my life omfg

"Sorry. I guess I am? Kind of! I missed all of you guys too."

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… god general gailardia galan gardios hurts too much.

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No matter how many times Ciel ran that night through his head, he could not see how he could have fixed it. There was no way he would have known what was occurring on the first floor of the manor, and he wouldn’t of known had Tanaka not told him to escape from the aflame house. Even if he had known, he wouldn’t of been able to fend off the one who had killed his parents at the young age of 10. He was naive and innocent then, and barely had the knowledge to even fence. He never once blamed himself, because he had others to blame. 

Even further the blame passed on the the people who had sold him off to the occultists, who marked him like cattle—the ones who defiled him beyond repair. Who kept him locked in a cage for a month with other kids lined up for death row, to be sacrificed to summon a demon for his captor’s selfish whims. Though it was only a month, enough had happened to give him night terrors for years to come. So dark and terrifying that he could only hide underneath his blankets and cower from the light and anyone who tried to touch him…

Yes, there was always someone to blame back then—until now. There was no one to blame but himself for the disappearance of his Mother. There wasn’t any closure or explanation as to why she left, she just…left, smiling, at that. Was she happy that she was leaving behind her sinner of a son? Her evil child who no longer was bathed in light, who turned his back to everything but the shadows? Did she hate him? Was she disappointed that he was no longer the child she left behind? 

Tears stopped flowing from his eyes as he still violently shook in the other’s arms. Maybe it was because he didn’t deserve to be mournful, or because his body used up all of it’s tears, but he could no longer cry anymore. He hurt too much to cry, and he was shutting down—closing himself off more than he ever had before. Hands still grasping desperately at the other’s shirt, he looked up at the blonde for what seemed like the first time.

“If I’m not alone, why do I feel like I am…? Why did she leave me again?” He paused, biting his lip until it bled and stung with pain. He almost felt like passing out, but he tried to stay conscious. “Is it because… I’ve sinned and been defiled, because I am nothing but evil?” His voice was raspy and hoarse, not holding any of the nobility or pride it usually did. The screaming made his throat sore, and he was sure if he had howled out in sorrow any further that his throat would bleed. He needed these answers though, but knew this man didn’t have them—no one did, except Rachel herself maybe.

Heavy, sore, red eyes fluttered as he was only half lucid now. His body had used all his energy to run him ragged, and he certainly looked it. A tear stained face, a bloody lip from biting so hard, a damp shirt soaked in his salty tears, disheveled hair, a body that couldn’t stop shaking out of pain and fear, and many more things. 

Trembling hands released the man’s shirt and instead he found his arms draping themselves over his shoulders, leaning all his weight on him. His body was giving out, or in, and he couldn’t hold himself up any longer. “Restez … un peu plus longtemps, s’il vous plaît.“ 

Ciel would never realize how much better it was Guy didn’t know his past. Not that he’d rebuke him or anything - Guy just had extreme paternal instincts. He raised a child on his own and babysat constantly. The rage that would’ve consumed the noble would be a tad ridiculous. Though he would easily be able to conceal his rage from the smaller one, eventually it would take a toll on Guy’s obese, spacious heart. 

He didn’t know what it was like to be passed around. He was saved from that fate and thrown into revenge instead. He practically caged himself. It was a shameful thing he was sure he’d keep away from the blue haired kid. He cursed to himself just at the thought of his foolish actions as a young preteen. Preteens made stupid mistakes like.. mess up relationships, say stupid things to their parents — not go on and raise a child wrong while plotting to kill said child. 


Rubbing Ciel’s shoulder, he let him shake and finish what was left of those tears he had. With the younger man’s eye on his, he looked down, using a gloveless hand to collect the last of the tears that gathered against his chin. How do you explain something like this to a kid?

For once, Guy didn’t know. He almost felt like.. it was better he was put in front of brutal death. That was ten times easier to understand than this.

"… I don’t think any mother looks at their kid and says ‘hey, I don’t want to be there.’ I…" He trailed off as a lump hit his throat. His mom. Guy’s mom. Eugenie. A Kimlascan who married his father politically. And made it work so well. "Sometimes, they’re taken away from us no matter what happens. It’s not your fault. It never was," he whispered, trying to give a smile. It hit Guy home. He blamed himself first. He always did. It was about time he stopped putting blame on anyone. "It’s not your fault." This time, he was talking to the blue haired boy and a certain little blond boy he locked away a long, long time ago.

Almost immediately though, he felt the body become heavier. Broken and loose. Guy sighed in relief almost. Both of them needed rest. He didn’t understand what the other said, but you know. Guy didn’t even mind. Both needed a break from thinking of lost mothers. 

"… Sleep tight, got it? Don’t you worry about a thing," he said, trying to keep a higher composure compared to a second ago. Slowly, his arm hooked around the kid’s legs and the other supported his back. Technically, it was real sketchy for someone to pick up a kid he’s never met, but you know. Special cases. Tired and broken in his own little way, he picked himself up with Ciel and carried the two back to his little quaint hut. Tucking Ciel into his bed, he gave a slight smile.

"Sleep tight," he whispered again, gingerly cleaning the literal blood, sweat, and tears from his face.

And finally, Guy Gardios let himself collapse in his own crafted chair, rubbing his eyes with a sniffle. But he did not cry. No. Guy Gardios did not cry. He hasn’t in so long. So he forced himself to shut down. Five.. four.. Eyes dropped… Three… Shoulders slumped… Two… One… 

Sleep tight.

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She watched in amazement at how fast he had sewed Tama back up, fingers clutched onto her shirt. Once her plushie friend was presented to her, Yunoha quickly grabbed it, pressing it to her chest like she usually did. “Thank you very much! I-I’m glad that you were able to fix her..” Yunoha sent the male a grateful smile, fingers clutching at her familiar friend once more.

“If..anything happened to her, I wouldn’t know what to do.” She murmured this more to herself than to him. His question caused her to blink, the smile on her face vanishing for a split second. “Uhm..Yes, I’m alone here. I..went to sleep in my bed one day and..I woke up here, in the forest. I come from a different world.” The whole prospect of that was still really fascinating to her, but it wasn’t like it was any different from where she was from. Where she came from, she went to a school that had people with powers and she fought in Mecha’s. No biggie.

“My friends haven’t arrived yet..I’m pretty sure they must be frantic at my disappearance.” She buried her face into the back of her frogs head, fingers idly making the hands of it move around. “..It’s kind of lonely here at times, but..I have Tama so it helps.” Even though she had her plushie, it still wasn’t the same as having real breathing people by her side. I miss them all..I miss my home..I miss him.

"Of course!" He chirped, running a hand through his fluffy locks. "I’m sorry I ripped her. Again." Guy looked at the pile of things he carried, frowning. … Yeah, not really a good idea to be sightless in Polis, Guy. Turning his attention back to her, he smiled slightly. Guy was the same way as a child. Though that attachment he had wasn’t to a plush - but his sister. He almost annoyingly followed her, hiding behind her yellow skirt at all times. 

"Well, if something does happen, know I’ll be right here to fix her up, okay?" Big brother Guy Cecil go, go, go. "Don’t you worry about it."

Soon, he followed her frown and sat on the edge of the fountain. Guy remembered the first time he appeared on Arcadios. Confused, annoyed, but overall he maintained his composition at the least. Though getting food and whatnot was a bit annoying. 

”.. They’ll come soon, I’m sure.” Jeez - how many times did he repeat that to himself? How many times had he even seen Luke appear and disappear? Shaking away the thought, he offered her a bright smile. “Hey, Yunoha. Have you eaten yet? I was just about to prepare lunch if you want a bite?” … At least he hoped his food hadn’t gotten gross and squashed from the crash.