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Two boxes, four books, one broom, a mop, a knapsack of cleaning supplies, and a bag of presumably perishable foods. That’s quite.. a lot for a guy to carry but alas. It wasn’t too big of a problem for Guy. It was spring after all. Or so his own internal clock told him. Not that Auldrant or Arcadios had a good sense of the seasons. But regardless, it was cleaning time. 

And he was pretty sure his pretty, white bar needed a shine down. But as anyone knows, holding too many things usually caused a disaster.

"Excuse me! Sorry about that!" The swordsman cried out as he narrowly dodged a civilian. Whoops. A box of wines, a box of decorations for the bar, books for breaks, supplies, and lunch. Sounded perfect, right? Yeah, or so he thought. He hadn’t seen a certain little girl as he continued to walk. Nor did he see her froggy companion. 

"Shi—" No swearing, Guy! You’re in the company of little ones! Falling on his ass, he almost wanted to make sure the boxes he had now dropped in prayers that his wines were still in tact. .. Though it probably was because of all the stuffing he put into it to reassure its safety. "Hey, are you—"

… No little girl. Just a frog. “… Shoot, he got ripped,” he muttered. He was sure there was a kid around before— or maybe the frog just got caught on a nail of the box..?